The Beauty of Glass

Our glass designs add beauty, light, and levels of privacy to your space. We also offer a rich array of colorful—as well as functional—architectural glass products, such as magnetic markerglass, which foster creativity, communication, and organization where people interact.

The simple, clean elemental make-up of glass—sand and minerals—comes from the earth and returns to the earth through recycling. It’s the most natural way to use light to transform your space.

The design and manufacturing efforts focus on creating a spectrum of sustainable, handcrafted, quality glass and architectural products—customized to suit our clients’ needs and avoid waste. Whether etched or painted, demountable or magnetic marker, our award-winning architectural glass products can illuminate your space.


Commercial, residential or interior application, Decor Fine Import’s glass2 can be used for many applications by following our detailed instructions. The flexibility of the product allows for its application in kitchen countertops, bartops, tables, fireplace surroundings, floor tiles, wall cladding, stairwells, columns, furniture tops, bathroom vanities, shower stalls, and tub surroundings. There are a multitude of uses in the world of architecture and design
Any process not covered in the instructions must be submitted to our team for approval.

Available Sizes

Slab Sizes: 118″ x 56″ and 96″ x 49″ in both ¾” (2 cm) and 1 1/4” ( 3 cm) thicknesses.

Mix Colors: Slab sizes available only in 96″ x 49″ in both ¾” (2 cm) and 1 1/4” ( 3 cm) thicknesses.

all sizes available in 16mm, 20mm, and 30mm thickness
16mm thick option
special order item that will take additional time to produce
requires a minimum order of 250 m2

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