About UNIK MDF Panels

As part of Decor Fine Import’s  continual product development strategy, we are now delighted to present the new ‘UNIK’ collection of leading edge PET decor products, manufactured in Europe by the largest MDF producer in the world.

The UNIK MDF collection applies ‘state of the art’ technology to the very latest generation of decorative surfaces, offering stunning and elegant interior design solutions.

This exciting new range offers the professional interior designer fresh and imaginative decor combinations including vibrant high gloss and matte solid colours, high gloss modern woodgrains and fantasy designs for an outstanding visual effect.

Imagination Is your Only Limitation

If you are looking for the largest selection of colors and patterns you have come to the right place. With over 85 colors and patterns including super matte, high gloss, solids, wood grain, patterns, metallic, 3D designs and holographic styles, we offer the largest selection than anyone in the market today. Each color is comes with matching edge bands.

Ask about our new and industry first Matte Finish PET. This revolutionary new product is silky to the touch and adds the “wow” factor to any residential or commercial project.


There are various advantages of using our High Gloss MDFs in comparison to competing products, here are some of them as following;

  • Largest variety of colors & designs in North America, including industry first Super Matte series
  • MDFs are PET coated, NO MELAMINE, VINYL or PAINT at all
  • Products come in larger sheets ( 4’ X 9’ )
  • Each panel is double sided, reducing labor costs
  • Much higher durability and longer lifespan
  • High scratch resistance
  • Easy and quick to clean against hard stains and spots
  • Contains no harmful or toxic materials
  • Very competitive pricing



PET coated MDF. PET stands for “polyethylene terephthalate” and MDF for ‘’ Medium Density Fiberboard’’. PET is strong, impact and scratch-resistant, an excellent water and moisture barrier material, plastic bottles made from PET are widely used for soft drinks. The surface is made of PET. The PET surface is applied to MDF with high-tech German technology under high heat and pressure with PUR glue.


Our High Gloss PET coated MDF panels are used for all millwork projects such as:

  • kitchen cabinets
  • bathroom vanity cabinets
  • office cabinets
  • Murphy beds
  • custom closets
  • modern display units
  • furniture, store fixtures
  • interior wall panels


Polyethylene is considered non-toxic, an inert and chemically neutral and recyclable material, is not considered hazardous material. Polyethylene has been extensively reviewed by regulatory authorities and determined to be non-hazardous by normal routes of exposure including skin contact, inhalation and ingestion. Polyethylene does not biodegrade readily in the environment unless it’s chemically modified (Source: ‘’NOVA CHEMICALS’’). Our MDF panels are FSC certified and formaldehyde emission is at E1 (Europe) standard.


PET surface does not need any high maintenance. It is easy and quick to clean. Suggested maintenance is wiping the surface with damp cloth, microfiber cloths are strongly suggested with spray glass cleaners. No further maintenance or painting required. No harsh chemicals or bleach needed and not advised.


In the cabinetry market, generally the scratch test has been applied manually by hand nails on to product in order to analyize the resistance of coating surface against scratch. On this basis, PET surface has a high resistance in comparison with competing products.

Size Matters

Our MDF Panels size is 4’ x 9’ (ft), which provides more space to work on especially for some projects that need longer size MDFs. The market standard is 4’ x 8’ (ft).

Unique Double Sided Option

Glossy products in the market mostly offer one side glossy and the other side is matte melamine. When it comes to the esthetics, double sided is always preferred by the designers, end users and especially kitchen cabinet makers and closet organizers as it saves time and labor.
Decor Fine Imports is proud to be the sole suppler in the US market offering a double-sided PET MDF option to its clients.

Color Variety & Matching Edge Tape

Decor Fine Imports offers a wide and unique variety of colors and designs. Around 85 different options consist of solid colors, wood textures, patterns and 3D designs. Currently we offer around 65 colors in North America and the rest of the colors can made available (please ask for the details to your representative) Each color has a matching 1 mm standard edge band.

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